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Yemen is currently facing a humanitarian crisis and a protracted conflict, which has severely impacted the country's real estate market. The real estate industry has been significantly disrupted, and many buildings and homes have been destroyed or damaged due to the conflict.

The demand for housing in Yemen has decreased as a result of the crisis, and many people have been displaced from their homes. The commercial and retail real estate market is also affected by the conflict, with a decrease in demand for office and retail space.

The legal and regulatory framework in Yemen is underdeveloped and challenging, making real estate investment difficult for both foreign and domestic investors. Additionally, corruption and lack of transparency in the real estate market have been reported, which further hinders investment opportunities.

In summary, Yemen's real estate market is facing significant challenges due to the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis. The situation is not expected to improve until there is a resolution to the conflict and stability returns to the country. As such, it is not recommended for investors to consider Yemen for any real estate investment at this time.

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