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Uzbekistan's real estate market is an emerging investment destination in Central Asia, with increasing interest from foreign investors in recent years. The country's political stability and favorable investment climate have contributed to a steady growth in the real estate sector.

The demand for housing in Uzbekistan is driven by a growing population, urbanization, and a rising middle class. The country has a well-developed residential real estate market, particularly in major urban centers like Tashkent, Samarkand, and Bukhara.

Uzbekistan's commercial and retail real estate market is also developing, particularly in the tourism sector. The country has a rich cultural heritage and is a popular destination for international tourists.

Uzbekistan's real estate market faces challenges, including limited availability of affordable housing in certain urban areas and a lack of modern infrastructure. However, the government has launched several initiatives to address these challenges and support the growth of the real estate sector.

Overall, Uzbekistan's real estate market remains an emerging investment option, particularly for those seeking to enter the Central Asian market. It will require continued investment in infrastructure, regulatory framework, and sustainability to maintain its growth and stability.

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