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Turkey's real estate market is a well-established and attractive investment destination in Europe and the Middle East. The country's strong economy, political stability, and favorable tax regime have contributed to a steady growth in the real estate sector.

The demand for housing in Turkey is driven by a growing population, urbanization, and a strong tourism sector. The government has launched several initiatives to increase the supply of affordable housing, including tax incentives for developers and the construction of new rental properties.

Commercial and retail properties are also in demand in Turkey, particularly in major cities like Istanbul, which is the economic and financial center of the country. The country has a well-developed retail sector, with a mix of traditional markets and modern shopping centers.

Turkey's real estate market faces challenges, including a limited availability of land in some areas, concerns about the sustainability of the country's housing market, and geopolitical risks. However, the government has launched several initiatives to address these challenges and support the growth of the real estate sector.

Overall, Turkey's real estate market remains an attractive option for investors, particularly those seeking a stable and secure investment in Europe and the Middle East. It will require continued investment in infrastructure, regulatory framework, and sustainability to maintain its growth and stability.

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