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Sudan's real estate market has experienced significant growth and development in recent years, driven by increasing demand for housing, commercial, and retail spaces in urban areas. However, the sector has also faced challenges such as a lack of funding, inadequate infrastructure, and regulatory issues.

In Sudan, the real estate industry is concentrated in major cities like Khartoum, Port Sudan, and Omdurman. The demand for housing is driven by a growing population, urbanization, and a rising middle class. The government has launched several initiatives to increase the supply of affordable housing, including the establishment of a mortgage finance company to provide long-term financing to developers.

Commercial and retail properties are also in demand in Sudan, particularly in Khartoum, which is the country's financial and economic hub. The retail sector is growing, with the development of modern shopping malls and commercial centers.

Despite the potential for growth, Sudan's real estate market faces challenges, including a lack of transparency, a shortage of skilled labor, and an inadequate legal framework. Additionally, the current economic crisis and political instability have negatively impacted the sector.

Overall, Sudan's real estate market has significant potential for growth and development, but it will require improvements in infrastructure, regulatory framework, and access to financing to fully realize its potential.

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