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The real estate market in Somalia is relatively underdeveloped, with limited investment and activity. The country has experienced decades of conflict and instability, which has resulted in the destruction of many buildings and a lack of investment in new construction.

Despite the challenging environment, there are some signs of progress in the real estate sector. In major cities such as Mogadishu, there has been some limited investment in the construction of new residential and commercial properties. Additionally, the demand for rental properties has increased due to a growing population and urbanization.

However, the real estate market in Somalia continues to face significant challenges. The lack of security and political instability remain major barriers to investment, and there is a lack of regulatory and legal frameworks to support real estate transactions. The infrastructure in Somalia also remains underdeveloped, with limited access to basic services such as electricity and water.

Furthermore, the lack of formal land ownership and title registration systems make it difficult for investors to obtain clear title to properties, which can lead to disputes and legal challenges.

Overall, while there is some potential for growth in the real estate market in Somalia, significant challenges remain that need to be addressed before the sector can reach its full potential.

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