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Oman has a relatively small real estate market, but it has been growing in recent years. The government has made efforts to encourage investment in real estate, particularly in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Most of the real estate in Oman is owned by locals, although foreigners are allowed to purchase property in designated areas, such as integrated tourism complexes. The government has also introduced initiatives to make it easier for foreigners to invest in the real estate market, such as granting long-term leases and reducing bureaucracy.

The residential real estate market in Oman is driven by demand for affordable housing, particularly in the capital city of Muscat. There has been significant investment in new residential developments to meet this demand, as well as in luxury villas and apartments targeting high net worth individuals.

The commercial real estate market in Oman is also growing, particularly in the hospitality sector. There is demand for high-quality hotels and resorts, as well as for office and retail space in prime locations.

Overall, Oman's real estate market is relatively small but growing, with opportunities for both residential and commercial investment. The government's efforts to encourage foreign investment and improve infrastructure are expected to support continued growth in the market.

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