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Real estate in Israel has been an attractive investment opportunity due to the country's strong economy, growing population, and demand for properties. The real estate market in Israel is diverse, ranging from residential properties to commercial and industrial spaces.

Tel Aviv is the center of the real estate market in Israel, where demand for residential and commercial properties is high. Other major cities, such as Jerusalem, Haifa, and Beersheba, are also experiencing growth in their real estate markets due to increased investment in infrastructure and development projects.

Foreigners are permitted to own property in Israel, but there are restrictions on the type of property they can own. Non-residents are only permitted to own one residential property in Israel, and they are not allowed to own agricultural land. The process for purchasing property is relatively straightforward, and investors can work with a local real estate agent or legal expert to navigate the process.

The real estate industry in Israel is regulated by the Ministry of Construction and Housing, which oversees the issuance of construction permits and other related matters. There are also several real estate associations, such as the Israel Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and the Israeli Appraisal Institute, which play a significant role in the industry's development and growth.

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