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French Guiana is an overseas department and region of France, located on the northern coast of South America. As a French territory, the real estate market in French Guiana is governed by French laws and regulations.

The real estate market in French Guiana is relatively small and undeveloped, with limited infrastructure and a shortage of quality properties. Most properties are located in or around the capital city of Cayenne and are primarily residential.

Residential properties in French Guiana are typically small apartments or houses, with a mix of both owner-occupied and rental properties available. The rental market is particularly strong, due to a high demand for affordable housing.

Commercial real estate in French Guiana is limited, with most commercial properties located in Cayenne. The retail sector is dominated by small local businesses, with few international retailers present.

Foreign investment in the real estate market in French Guiana is limited, due to its status as a French territory and the challenges associated with investing in an overseas region. However, the French government has implemented measures to promote investment and development in French Guiana, particularly in areas such as tourism and infrastructure.

Overall, the real estate market in French Guiana is small and relatively undeveloped, with limited opportunities for investment. However, the government is actively working to promote development in the region, which could lead to increased investment opportunities in the future.

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